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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller It is the start of your birthday month, and the planets are gathering in your behind-the-scenes sector. View Previous Month. Print Horoscope. Daily Astrology Zone With our new subscription service you get forecasts for your sign each day of the year from the top astrologer in the world.

New Moon in Libra and Weekly Horoscope - September 23-29

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I am Libra, My Lover is Libra

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Your concentration, dedication and resolute determination to achieve your personal goals is never stronger than now. This is a time when you make major changes in yourself and your position in the world.

I am Cancer, My Lover is Libra - Susan Miller Astrology Zone

Your long-range goals, life direction, or career aims come into focus now. You gain clarity or a stronger sense of purpose, which energizes your efforts to get ahead or move toward what you really want.

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Recognition or support from your superiors or others who are in a position to assist you is likely now, especially if you take some initiative. Read your full weekly horoscope Use the buttons below to go to the different categories for the other zodiac signs.

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